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Trick or Treat?

Halloween is right around the corner and we're looking forward to our party!
In the meantime, Mummy's been cracking her brain on how to dress us up for the celebrations.
She whipped out Mr Pumpkin man - the one and only costume that we've been donning for the past 1 2 3 4 5 6 years - for a test shot.
#soboringla #everyoneinthewholeworldhasalreadyseenuswearingthis 
This is seriously overused.
We need something refreshing!

The good ol' days - NYC

Just a couple of months more will mark the 4th year I am back in Singapore
Yap, in case you're new here (Hi welcome!) or can't be bothered to scroll back to past entries (guilty~ like me..hehe), I am a New Yorker.
True blue one somemore.
#thesinglishonlyhappenedafterIcameback #Iusedtospeakinanaccenthor
I was born in New York state and stayed in Manhattan till I was almost 3, before I was whisked off to this little island.
To kinda mark the end of our adventure there, Mummy organised a photoshoot around our few favourite spots in the Big Apple.
And since Mummy spent too much money on it, she decided that it's time to go through them and showcase it on the blog again.
#cheapoislikethatone #mustkeepreusinguntilpeoplearesickofseeingit #sitinharddiskdonothingalsowastemoneyma
Here goes...

No one place can replace this place in my heart. Ever. 
My heaven on earth is, of course, Central Park.
It was the one place Mummy and I spent one too many afternoons at, all year round.

The many faces of Pecan Woods

Through our recent photoshoot with Uncle Nicholas from Furry Photos, Mummy came to realise that Pecan ah ma can be pretty expressive. 
#itisamazinghowmanydifferentfacesshehas #nowondermummyalwayssaysheiscuterthanme

For starters, this is her 'Let me pose like a model' face.
#actsodemure #actyounglor

A new shop in town - Woofer & Purrlensky

One of our only favourite friends, Latte (Yap, the Vanillapup) is turning four soon. 
And we were cracking our brains thinking of what to get for her. 
#actuallyonlymummyisthinking #wedon'treallycare
Because, like us, Latte has pretty much everything she needs. 
So, it is a real challenge getting her a present.
When Mummy found out about the new store, Woofer & Purrlensky, she decided to check it out and hopefully, find something for the birthday gal.

Sam's pick: Zippy Paws

I'm not really a huge fan of stuffed plush toys.
Well, there was a time when destroying them was my life mission.
Thankfully for Mummy, I had since outgrown that phase. 
#removingstuffingnokickla #tooeasyuntilicannotbebotheredtodoit
On the other hand, Pecan ah ma isn't interested in them either.
Hence, Mummy really doesn't bother buying us any.
However, she recently found a type of plushie that got me going cray cray over it!

Sam's Pick: Online Shopping with Kohepets

The kind people from Kohepets dropped us an email asking if we were keen to do a sponsored review about our experience shopping with them.
Instantly, our shopaholic sides came right through.
YES,we said!
Pecan ah ma and myself were extremely excited and both of us took some time, sat down and to come up with our shopping list.
#tookoursolongcan #thinkingistiring

Pecan's birthday present - Furry Photos shoot

You may have been wondering why Pecan didn't have a birthday present reveal like we usually do.
It's not because our parents got all stingy and decide to scrimp on it.
#Ithinkdaddysecretlywantedtodothat #mummywon'tallowonelor
It's because it took a while for the end product to be out.

Yap, you may have guessed it right.. (or rather, Mummy may have already told you la)
Mummy arranged a photoshoot for Pecan -
One where the focus will be on the little granny.
#pecanhardlygetstobeinthelimelightonherown #firsttimeleh
Thank you Uncle Nicholas from Furry Photos for delivering these awesome photos of the birthday girl.

Here goes...