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Notecards from Sam and Pecan!

While we may not be the most sociable (or friendly) of dogs, we are very lucky to have been invited to many dog birthday parties.
Each time, Mummy will flip the house upside down to find a post-it note or any decent card she can get her hands on at the last minute to scribble a well-wishes note to the birthday pooch.
#soinsincerela #tsktsktsk
That got her thinking.. why not create our very own personalised note card to thank our friends for inviting us!
#shejustneedanexcusetoshoponlinela #poordaddy
So she went on one of her favourite platforms - Fiverr to find an artist to translate her vision into actual note cards!

Sam's house tour - our mudroom!

We've finally settled into our new place after a good three months!
#ourparentshaveofficiallygivenuponunpacking #whatisleftintheboxwillforeverremaininthebox #wedonotcarecoswehaveallourtreatswithus
So I guess it's about time we offered you a house tour!
Bit by bit k?
#nochoicecosourhouseverysmall #donothavemuchtoshowtobehonest #sosadhor

DIY TIME: Pill Pockets

I came down with a small bout of infection on my front paws. (No thanks to my itchy mouth)
A quick visit to the worst place on Earth vet and here we are, a grumpy-emo dog who is pouting about the meds he has to eat and a gloating ah ma.
#howcomeIneedsomuchmedsone #canPecaneatthemonmybehalf

Day at the beach!

It's been a while since we shared photos of us having fun outdoors.
So she decided to bring her camera along on our day out at Tanjong beach.

DIY time: Dog-friendly Peanut Butter!

Mummy has wayyyy too much time on her hands these days.
So, she decided to DIY more items for us!
Pecan's wondering what's on the menu today.

Made with Love: DIY Dog Toothpaste

Mummy is very particular about our day-to-day hygiene and health.
One thing that she takes pride in, is how she manages to brush our pearly whites.
Not just that. 
She does it EVERYDAY. Religiously.
#sheprobablywishesthatwecanbrushitourselves #sorrywedonothaveopposablethumbs
PS: Ah ma got stinky breath, so I sit far far away.

Made with love (once again) - Dehydrated treats!

We got busy with Mummy's newest toy...
a dehydrator!
To be exact, it's a Rommelsacher Automatic Dehydrator.