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Sam's Pick: Online Shopping with Kohe pets

The kind people from Kohe Pets dropped us an email asking if we were keen to do a sponsored review about our experience shopping with them.
Instantly, our shopaholic sides came right through.
YES,we said!
Pecan ah ma and myself were extremely excited and both of us took some time, sat down and to come up with our shopping list.
#tookoursolongcan #thinkingistiring

Pecan's birthday present - Furry Photos shoot

You may have been wondering why Pecan didn't have a birthday present reveal like we usually do.
It's not because our parents got all stingy and decide to scrimp on it.
#Ithinkdaddysecretlywantedtodothat #mummywon'tallowonelor
It's because it took a while for the end product to be out.

Yap, you may have guessed it right.. (or rather, Mummy may have already told you la)
Mummy arranged a photoshoot for Pecan -
One where the focus will be on the little granny.
#pecanhardlygetstobeinthelimelightonherown #firsttimeleh
Thank you Uncle Nicholas from Furry Photos for delivering these awesome photos of the birthday girl.

Here goes...

Pecan, I just wanna say...

Granted, I wasn't exactly pleased the day Mummy brought you home.
In fact, I probably sulked for the next couple of months. 
After all, you did continue whack me countless times.
#Iamnotawuss #Iamjustbeingnicetoanoldlady
I am glad we made peace.

I guess it became quite clear to me that...
2 dogs = x2 treats
2 dogs = x2 birthday cakes
2 dogs = x2 Daddy's shiok massages
2 dogs = x2 outings
So, yap, welcome to the family!

Thanks for being my partner in crime....
in ganging up with me on other dogs (HEHEHEHE!),
in extorting our parents for more food, 
in barking symphonies, especially at the pool,

Thanks to you, I can manage being home alone a bit better.
Thanks to you, Mr Vacuum cleaner doesn't seem that scary after all (since Pecan will attack it for me).
Thanks to you, my tummy (and yours too) is getting bigger by the day.

So, on this special day, I just wanna say...
Happy 13th Birthday, Pecan!
Lotsa Love, 
Your Little brother, Sam

The Secret Life of Pets Breakfast event at USS!

In conjunction with the release of the movie, "The Secret Life of Pets" in Singapore, Resort World Sentosa recently hosted a breakfast event in Universal Studios Singapore for pets owners and their pets.
And Mummy managed to score us some tickets!
The only catch was that only one dog was allowed per family. 
Well, don't feel too bad for Pecan ah ma as she was treated to a fruitful day at Wooga!

As much as we were super excited about this event, it really was wayyy too early for me.
Hence, my cannot-wake-up-in-the-morning face.

Pecan's favourite month of the year...

has to be september!
Because this smelly old lady is going to turn...
Yap, you saw it right, she is gonna turn 13 in less than two weeks!
How exciting is that?
Can't help but wonder what Mummy has in store for us.
#ourtummiesarewaiting #birthdaysarethebestthingever

Going Raw Rawr

We have been on a raw diet for the past few years.
While we started mainly on commercial raw food, Mummy made the transition towards DIY raw over the last couple of months.
For now, Mummy will purchase our proteins from the supermarket and that does restrict the types we eat. (We usually rotate between lamb, beef and chicken.)
But thanks to Howlistic Life, we get to have a taste of Venison at affordable prices!

Notecards from Sam and Pecan!

While we may not be the most sociable (or friendly) of dogs, we are very lucky to have been invited to many dog birthday parties.
Each time, Mummy will flip the house upside down to find a post-it note or any decent card she can get her hands on at the last minute to scribble a well-wishes note to the birthday pooch.
#soinsincerela #tsktsktsk
That got her thinking.. why not create our very own personalised note card to thank our friends for inviting us!
#shejustneedanexcusetoshoponlinela #poordaddy
So she went on one of her favourite platforms - Fiverr to find an artist to translate her vision into actual note cards!